Sean Eddy: From Couch to SWAT in 4 Months


When Sean Eddy’s transformation pics hit our team page, I was literally blown away! Only a few months before, he had signed up to join an accountability group with his coach, Ed, and he was facing some pretty tough challenges.

An EMS worker, who for the longest time didn’t make his personal health a priority, Sean was given one last chance to clean up his eating and exercise before his doctor was going to make him start taking high blood pressure medication for the sake of his health.

So you can imagine my surprise when Sean shared with me a few months later how he was trying out for the SWAT team, I couldn’t help but get excited for him! This is something he never would have imagined he could have accomplished before, and now he had both the energy and confidence to go for it! And of course… he made the team!

I asked Sean to share with us how he felt before he decided to change, the challenges he faced and advice for those who are struggling in the same situation.

How Sean felt before his transformation.

I felt sluggish, self-conscious, embarrassed and sloppy. I hated taking my shirt off to do things like go swimming. I was constantly tired and I got winded really easy. 

Sean’s biggest challenge.

My biggest challenge was staying the path when it felt like everyone was working against me. People I truly cared about would tell me that I’m crazy, or they would claim that this “phase” would probably be over in a few weeks once I got tired of it. People at work and in my household weren’t interested in eating healthy foods, so I was literally 100% on my own. Honestly, if it wasn’t for accountability that Ed gave me in the beginning, I probably would have done exactly what everyone said I would do: Quit.

Sean’s greatest victory.

I think my biggest triumph was the day that I not only completed a 12-mile run, but finished an entire P90X3 workout without breaking or skipping a single rep. I had done 2 things in the same day that I NEVER thought I would be able to accomplish in my life. That same day, I had the same people that called me crazy, say they were so proud of my dedication and accomplishments.

How he feels now.

Now, I have a ton of energy, my confidence level is through the roof, and I’m really happy with what I see in the mirror.

Sean’s biggest piece of advice.

My biggest piece of advice is to find someone to hold you accountable and NEVER give up. I caved so many times when it came to eating right, but I continued to pick up where I left off and push forward. If I skipped a workout, I just picked up where I left off the following day. Don’t let the little things derail your entire plan. Stay in touch with your accountability partner, because it makes all the difference.


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