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Does your body need a refresh? OR What I Absolutely LOVE about the NEW 3-Day Refresh!

3-Day Refresh - BeachbodyWhen the 3-Day Refresh made it’s BIG debut on the Beachbody Summit Conference big screen… I really didn’t know what to think. My initial thoughts were literally… “That’s way too expensive.” And… “Why not just stick with the original Shakeology 3-day cleanse that’s been going around?  It’s CHEAPER!!!

And I’m laughing as I hear my friend Billy whispering in my hear… “Cheap a$$!”

Yeah… I’m pretty darn CHEAP! And THAT, my friend, is the result of growing up in a double-wide trainer house with NINE sisters and not a lot of extras.

So you can bet your bottom dollar… I WILL get the most BANG for my buck! Hands down! LOL

Hang with me for a sec to learn my experience & basic review of the 3-Day Refresh… OR… scroll down to the bottom to see my suggested use of this product :)

I fell WAY off the wagon this past week, and when I say way, I mean… I VOLUNTARILY did a DOUBLE BACK FLIP off the clean eating wagon and REALLY went to town! Continue reading