Who am I?

Ha!  I ask myself that question EVERY day!  LOL  I wear a LOT of hats.  I’m CONSTANTLY forcing myself out of my comfort zone to try something new.  We only have ONE life… and in the words of my fav saint… St. Terese…  “I WANT IT ALL!”  

I want to LIVE… to experience EVERYTHING :)  So… here are a few of the hats that I wear ;)

Mama Hat

I have 5 AMAZING kiddos!  One boy… four girls… (OH MY!  How will I survive “teenage-hood”???)  They are CRAZY, DYNAMIC… they SING hard, PLAY hard… and we’re working on the WORK HARD part.  LOL




LOVE my hubby!  He’s an awesome dad and treats me like the queen I sometimes unfortunately act like.  So happy to spend the REST OF MY LIFE with this man :)


Coach Hat

Coach Hat


Coach?  That’s right!  Never would have thought I’d wear THIS hat.  LOL  But once I learned how to be HAPPY and FEEL GOOD about myself, I just had to help coach women to learn how to live a FIT and HEALTHIER lifestyle.  To take BABY STEPS and to know that it’s about PROGRESS… NOT PERFECTION :)


DOULA-Mama Hat

Doula Hat

Yup!  I help coach mamas who are bringing brand new babies into the world.  And YES!  I almost cry EVERY time a new baby is born.  Seeing new life come into the world is one of the most beautiful things a person can witness… and seeing a mama go through this journey to hold the prize at the end… it’s PRICELESS!



soccer mom
Oh boy!  With three kiddos in travel soccer & one in rec… and being a board member, this takes up a decent amount of time.  BUT… I LOVE my soccer community.  Some of my best friends have come from soccer :)



In and out of bands and singing all my life!  From Praise & Worship to Rock to Country to Blues and Jazz… I sing it all!  I also make fun crazy songs up… you know… like take a song we all know and rewrite the words?  Bahahaha!  It’s my stress outlet!


GEEK hat

Geek Hat

OMG!  YES!!!  I’m a GEEK!  I LOVE geek stuff.  I used to be a Level 3 Linux Technician for a web hosting company that hosted web hosting companies.  Add web designer, image designer, social media strategist… Yeah… GEEK all the way… and DANG PROUD OF IT!  :)   I still do geeky side jobs to keep some real EXCITEMENT in my life.  LOL

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