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9 Things You Should NEVER Say To a Pregnant Mama

Are you pregnant? Have you ever BEEN pregnant? Do you have 3 or more kiddos? Do you KNOW someone who is pregnant?

Chances are that you’ve heard or said some of these things to a pregnant mom without really knowing how it could affect her. Now… truth be told… I personally don’t get offended easily in these situations… not unless someone is being purposefully rude… of course. Being prego with #6, I’ve pretty much heard it all, and just let it go in one ear and out the other.

HOWEVER… I thought it would be FUN to write up the questions that I have heard over and over during pregnancy. I polled my Facebook friends, and I’m wondering just how many moms have heard some of these same things before?

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Dreaming of Wonder Woman

wonderwomanWonder Woman. Don’t you think she’s pretty darn AMAZING???

I keep a Wonder Woman magnet, that my big sis sent for my birthday a few years back, above my desk, and every time I look up, as I see her standing there in all her heroine perfection, I can’t help but smile and think to myself… that’s her. That’s who I want to be. I, Michelle Hillaert, want to be the FEARLESS Wonder Woman.

Okay… STOP LAUGHING!!!! LOL I’m being completely serious here! (Can’t you tell?)

I’ll be VERY honest with you… growing up in a strict Catholic/conservative home, we didn’t really watch many super hero cartoons or movies. We were very sheltered for the most part. So… I must say…  I’m a bit behind on what Wonder Woman’s actual story REALLY is… (Again… don’t laugh!) BUT… with my own very vivid Anne of Green Gables type imagination… I have come up with my own theory on the not so known life of this Wonder Woman.

To me… Wonder Woman is PERFECT! She’s a beautifully put together woman who always rushes in at the last moment… and heroically saves the day.

BUT… here’s the kicker… In addition to going out and saving the world EVERY day… my Wonder Woman does oh so much more.

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Sometimes You’ve Just Got to Count Your Blessings OR How to Give Your Negative Attitude a Swift Kick in the Pants!


Quick Solution:  Stop focusing on yourself and find ONE kind thing you can do for someone else and the rest will be history.

And now… for the REST of the story!  (As Paul Harvey would have put it… :)

IMG_2790This morning I woke up in a stranger’s bed with my two-year-old bouncing on me asking to eat.  

I roll over and discover that the 6-year-old forgot to put her pull-up on and had peed said stranger’s bed.

My Internet and phone weren’t working, because the tin roof of the strange trailer house in which we were sleeping blocked all phone access.

I was wearing the same clothes as the day before and had little sleep due to young cousins chasing each other around, hyped up after watching X-Men 2, slamming the bathroom door and talking half the night.

I think you get the picture. And it wasn’t good.

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