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Quick & Easy Kid-Friendly GLUTEN-FREE Granola Recipe

granolarecipeOkay, gotta admit. I LOVE to serve anything that’s quick and easy, including cereal. But to be honest, the GOOD stuff, especially the gluten-free good stuff, is almost always expensive, even at the grocery outlet that I frequent, and it just doesn’t fit into my big family budget.

I’ve had this mental block for the longest time when it comes to making granola… I thought… it’s SO HARD!!! I really didn’t feel like taking extra time to make a complicated recipe. It didn’t seem quick and it sure as heck didn’t seem easy.

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Quick & Easy Recipe: Almond Butter & Banana Sandwich

peanutbananaI’m ALL about Quick and Easy when it comes to meals. So when I don’t have my Shakeology handy to grab for a quick lunch, I’m looking for something I can literally throw together in minutes or seconds :)

I started making these back when I first began my journey with Insanity (follow the link for more of my story!) over two years ago, and I have to admit that they’re an awesome go-to! I’ve been eating these for years, and find them not only to be a great snack or lunch, but an awesome treat!

-> Ezekiel Bread
-> Almond butter (2T)
-> Banana

21 DAY FIXERS!!! This will most likely be a SNACK, not a lunch if you’re a decent eater like me. LOL  Here are your containers!

YELLOW CONTAINER:  1 slice Ezekiel Bread
Tsp: Almond Butter



mixoffoodWith life just seeming to move faster and FASTER, one of the HARDEST things for us to stay on top of is our NUTRITION.

Did you know… Nutrition accounts for 80 PERCENT of weight loss and health!

YES!  You can be working out, but if you’re not eating right, you STILL might not be healthy.

The biggest problem we face is figuring out HOW to eat right when we’re constantly on the go.

It’s VERY hard to eat right and stay on track when we’re so busy that we just don’t have time to STOP and prepare our food.  And believe me… I GET IT!!! :)

I’m constantly hauling three older kiddos to school and soccer practice, coaching two kids soccer teams and going to board meetings in addition to working at home, watching the two littles, homeschooling one of them and running a household.

In all honesty… cooking is usually the LAST thing on my mind.

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Sometimes You’ve Just Got to Count Your Blessings OR How to Give Your Negative Attitude a Swift Kick in the Pants!


Quick Solution:  Stop focusing on yourself and find ONE kind thing you can do for someone else and the rest will be history.

And now… for the REST of the story!  (As Paul Harvey would have put it… :)

IMG_2790This morning I woke up in a stranger’s bed with my two-year-old bouncing on me asking to eat.  

I roll over and discover that the 6-year-old forgot to put her pull-up on and had peed said stranger’s bed.

My Internet and phone weren’t working, because the tin roof of the strange trailer house in which we were sleeping blocked all phone access.

I was wearing the same clothes as the day before and had little sleep due to young cousins chasing each other around, hyped up after watching X-Men 2, slamming the bathroom door and talking half the night.

I think you get the picture. And it wasn’t good.

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How Peggy Lost 30 Pounds OR How Peggy DECIDED to Live FEARLESSLY!

Peggy's FamilyPeggy is a mom of SEVEN amazing kiddos.  She has a beautiful heart and was inspired to share how she lost her 30 pounds when people in our accountability group started asking for advice.

So in the video at the bottom of this post, Peggy opens up and shares how she dropped 30 pounds, but more importantly, how she battled those negative voices in her head and became the BEST that she could be… just like she’s always telling her kiddos that THEY should be.

Peggy’s most important transformation was on the INSIDE.  Learning she could accomplish something, and now having the ability to help other women find the FREEDOM she has found.

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It’s About PROGRESS, not PERFECTION, Mama.

When we’re talking about making a lifestyle change… especially when it comes to health and fitness, the thought of all the CHANGE we need to go through in order to reach our goals can be very STRESSFUL… especially at the beginning.

If you’ve spent a lifetime creating bad habits, don’t you think it’s a bit crazy to expect that you’re going to suddenly be a clean eating pro and workout six days a week and LOVE it?

I chuckle at the thought.  LOL

Take me for instance… when I first started my health and fitness journey, I…

  • was battling an eating disorder
  • loved my diet soda and diet drinks
  • would over-indulge at every party or opportunity to go on an eating binge
  • would MAJORLY comfort eat EVERY afternoon when the kiddos went down for a nap
  • snack on salty or sugary snacks at night after the kiddos bedtime

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Words. They BUILD or TEAR DOWN. How do you talk to yourself, Mama?

You are worthless.Hey you!  YEAH YOU!  You know… the one with the BIG BUTT, THIN hair… CELLULITE… WRINKLES… flabby arms.  LISTEN TO ME!  I’m TALKING TO YOU!!!

You’re SO FAT!  You’re UGLY!!  You’re WEIRD.  You’ve made a TON of STUPID mistakes… You’ve said SO many wrong things.  You’ve lived in the DARKNESS.  You might as well have NEVER been born, because YOU – ARE – COMPLETELY – and UTTERLY — WORTHLESS!!!!

Sound familiar?
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Kiddos Schmiddos OR How to Work Out with Kids & a Job

Life HAPPENS!Had a mom ask me this question recently… How do you make workouts a priority when you work full time, have kiddos, and somehow have to keep your house clean?

THAT is a great question! Cuz… let me tell you… I battled with this one myself when I first started this crazy journey.

CAN we do it ALL?  Well… of course… YES!  We can.

Can we do it ALL and not lose our minds?  Well… um… I’m pretty sure the average woman would have a MAJOR nervous breakdown if she did EVERYTHING perfectly… right?

Kids + Perfectly Clean House + Work Full Time + Work Out Every Day + Mom Does It All = INSANITY

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Do you CRANK?

Crank it up!Hahahaha!  Sounds like something naughty, doesn’t it?  But what I really mean is… when you’re working out, do you CRANK up the music so loud that you FORGET you’re actually working out?

I’ll be honest… I DON’T LIKE getting my heart rate up there.  WHAT???  Did I REALLY just say that???  Me? A FITNESS COACH???  LOL

Yeah.  My lungs feel like they’re about to BURST… my body is ACHING… and I just want to QUIT.

Battling that negative attitude is NOT easy… but if I have a GREAT song on, I get SO lost in the music that I don’t even realize how hard I’m pushing myself… that is… until the song is over.

It’s kind of like driving down the road, getting lost in thought, and then wondering where the last 10 minutes went.  Ever do that?

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You’ve Gotta Accentuate the Positive OR Forever Be DOOMED

You've got to accentuate the positive. Eliminate the negative. Hold on to the affirmative, and don't mess with Mr. In-Between.“You’ve gotta… ac-centuate the positive.  E-lim-inate the negative.  Hold on to the affirmative.  And don’t mess with Mr. In Between.”

OMG!  I LOVE this song!  I still hear Bing & the Andrews Sisters knocking it out of the park with the AMAZEBALL harmonies!!! :)))

Honestly, though… it’s SO easy to get caught up in negativity…. especially in the world of… pausing for dramatic effect… FEMALE DRAMA!!!!!

Why is there so much drama?  I’m telling ya… a LOT of it goes right back to that song I quoted… We’re so busy ‘assuming’ that a particular word or action is NEGATIVE, that we can’t see beyond the blinders that hold us back from seeing TRUTH.

And what is the TRUTH?

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