You Can Let The Voices of Perfectionism WIN and Knock You Down, OR…

Courage is the quiet voice.{MOMENT OF HONESTY}
I honestly struggle when I’m out of routine. As much as I HATE planning and creating lists and organizing things, I’m like a little kid that needs a routine or else everything starts to fall apart.

So… when I’m not in my normal routine, I find that I make some poor choices that get me frustrated with myself later. I have a couple drinks a few days in a row… I make the wrong choices when going out to dinner or lunch… you get where I’m headed.

“But you’re on vacation. You can’t be good all the time.”

That’s what my friends say… and they’re right… we NEED to be able to enjoy life. BUT… that being said… we also NEED to be able to deny ourselves… to make these sacrifices.

Not only does making sacrifices help with our health and fitness journey… but sacrificing strengthens us… help us to endure more in life. It builds character.

I know that when I go out and have a couple of drinks or eat the wrong thing on occasion, it’s fine… but when it happens several days in a row, I honestly go to bed feeling out of control and defeated.

It’s normal to feel this way… but it’s what we DO with those feelings that really matters. The biggest thing that we need to do is to control the negative self-talk.

So when I go to bed… mad at myself for YET AGAIN not denying myself and just doing what I wanted to, I tell myself… “Fresh start tomorrow,” I count my wins, and then actively work at silencing the voices that scream at me for my lack of imperfection.

I take a minute to look through all the good decisions I made that day… switch my focus… and when morning comes around, I hit that workout really hard.

Here’s a pic I threw together today after doing just that.
Make Excuses or make changes
Yesterday I didn’t FEEL like working out. I forgot to pack my hubs shorts, so he worked out in pajamas. We were both tired and exhausted from little sleep and eating pizza the night before… which being semi gluten intolerant, always leaves me feeling sluggish and a bit sick the next day.

So working out was a WIN, and I had to remind myself.

Going back to the quote pic at the beginning of this message, I LOVE it, because as I silence those negative voices, it IS that small voice that says… “I’ll try again tomorrow.” That keeps me getting back up… dusting myself off, and trying again.

Remember… NOBODY’S PERFECT.  It’s NOT about PERFECTION. It is TRULY about getting back up when you fall and NEVER GIVING UP.


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