The Dawn of my ALL NEW “Get FAT, Get Thin” Marketing Strategy

Big SisI’ve decided to change my basic marketing plan DRASTICALLY for a number of months, and considering the circumstances… I thought this would be a great title for my new master plan… the Get Fat, Get Thin marketing strategy.

You know… It’s pretty amazing how life can throw hoops at us from out of nowhere. We’re in a pretty good rhythm… we have a decent understanding of how tomorrow and the next day will go, as we schedule everything in. And then suddenly… from out of far left field, one comes flying right at you.  BAM!

That pretty much sums up what happened this morning as I rolled out of bed and made a visit to our bathroom first thing. I knew something was different… so when I woke up, two days before I missed… it… I took the test, and there it was staring up at me… a big huge PLUS sign.

Yup! The Hillaert’s are expecting baby #6… GASP!!! And as I sit here writing, I’m still in a bit of a shock. The youngest will be four when the new one comes around. My business is picking up… I’m writing a book… HOW CAN I DO IT ALL????

I have to stop for a second and take a deep breath, because my chest is tightening, and I feel a sort of panic seeping in. My brain is firing non-stop and the ‘what ifs’ won’t quit hitting me…

What if it’s too much for our family right now?
What if our finances are too tight?
What if I can’t stick to eating clean?
What if I can’t exercise?
What if my hips go out?
What if I’m so sick that I can’t write?
What if I can’t be there for my challengers or my team, and it all starts to fall apart?

I could go on and on about the fears that have been nagging at me ever since I felt that first pain in my lower abdomen and had this sneaky suspicion that our lives were about to change.

In one sense… YES! I’m excited with the thought that we have yet another beautiful soul in the Hillaert family. That there is this precious little one that I already cherish. Who will have a unique personality and a heart. This thrills me to the deepest level!!! Other than God and my husband, there is NO ONE that I love more than each one of my beautiful, amazing children! The thought of holding yet another gem in my arms has my heart almost exploding with joy.

I’m proud of the fact that for the first time, I’m honestly NOT afraid of what others will think with me having yet another child… and on that note… neither should you.

We are NOT defined by the opinions of others… and we need to remember that. It doesn’t matter what others think. What matters is what is in our hearts, how we choose to live our lives, and the legacy that we leave behind.

It’s those ‘what ifs’ that I battle. Those are the fears that try to steal my joy.

But… you know… the simple reality of it is this… we can’t AVOID fear.  We were CREATED to fear. It’s what we DO with that fear, and how we let that fear affect us that matters.  

MichelleSo… YES… I’m afraid. I’m worried about dropping the ball… I’m worried about failing… I’m worried about the pain… I’m worried about the lack of sleep… I’m worried about a lot.

That being said… I’m going to work through my fears, and I want to invite you along this journey with me. I’m always talking about Living Fearlessly… so that’s what my goal is here. To name my fears… claim them, and then work through them. THAT is what Living Fearlessly is all about.

It’s NOT about having no fear… it is about moving forward in spite of them. Knowing which fears are there to keep us safe, and which fears we can work through to live a happier and more fulfilled life.

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2 thoughts on “The Dawn of my ALL NEW “Get FAT, Get Thin” Marketing Strategy

  1. Nicki

    WooHoo!!!! Congrats! You’ll do great, mama! And maybe you’ll have that elusive 2nd boy and the boys can be your bookends. :)

    1. Post author

      That’s what Trent’s hoping for!!! LOL ME? I will take either. A boy is great for bookends…. but adding another girl to my girl posse??? OOOOH yeah! We so outnumber the men in our family, and we have fun letting them know it. ;)


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