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How to Find Your WHY… yeah… got one?

When you discover the DEEPER reason WHY you want something... you WILL do what it takes to reach your goals.  When you want to quit... when you fail (and you will... over and over and over again)... when everything seems lost... you'll dig deeper and remember WHY you got started in the first place.Let me ask you… Are you READY for change?  Then my question to you is…WHY?  If you WANT change, then you need to dig deeper and find something big enough that you can hold on to on the days you just REALLY want to quit.

So… let’s walk through this process.  Are you ready to dig deep?  

I’m going to use an example of a conversation I had with one of my challengers in my fitness challenge group to drive this point home.

Here we go…

Do you want to lose weight?



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