Perseverance is the KEY

10858589_355374761310884_3985543123232723498_nOne thing I’ve learned in life is this… I have to look at each day and each new challenge as a battle. I win some. I lose some.

But I’ve found that as long as I stay true. As long as I NEVER give up. As long as I PERSEVERE… I might lose a battle here and there, but I win the war.

While doing the Tricep Dips today for #insanitymax30 I wanted to quit so many times. My arms are still sore from doing the same workout two days ago and I just wasn’t feeling it. So yeah… I quit a LOT. BUT… I kept jumping back in.

This is what will help us reach our goals. And no… It’s NOT being perfect. It’s as simple as NOT GIVING UP.

PERSEVERANCE. Keep jumping back in the game. Go a little longer. A little harder each time. And that can be applied to anything… work… learning new skills… etc.

Do your best. Forget the rest. And NEVER give up.




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