My SECRETS to Achieving these AMAZING Insanity Max:30 RESULTS!

MichelleInsanityMax30After 60 days of digging in and not missing a SINGLE workout for Insanity Max:30, my final results are in! I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised, considering how many times I took mini dives off the wagon over Christmas break, AND the fact that my little alien that has taken residence inside me is now approximately 6 weeks old.

I’d be lying if I said it was easy. It definitely wasn’t easy. But I made the commitment when I started the program that I would not miss a single workout, and I haven’t.

In committing to a program like this, it’s definitely a battle of the mind, the body and the will. So I put together some “secrets” so to speak to being successful when following a Beachbody work out program.


Do you want to change, but you’re struggling with making a full commitment and getting it done? Here are the commitments I made to myself in order to achieve success.

1. Make an appointment to work out.
Because I’m not the biggest fan of working out, I choose to ‘get it over with’ first thing in the morning. I set my alarm for 5am, and each morning. I struggled when the alarm went off, but threw my feet off the side of the bed before my mind had a chance to catch up and protest.  Barely awake, I would get dressed to work out, and then head into our living room to push play.

Your appointment can be first thing in the morning, at 10am, 1pm (nap time for kiddos), or evening. It doesn’t have to be 5am. It just has to be set.

2. Set a daily goal for your work out.
Each day, my main goal was to increase my Max Out Time. I checked my numbers from the previous week, and pushed myself farther than I did the week before on the same workout. Once I hit my Max Out time, I just focused on doing my best and taking breaks when necessary.

Make sure you print out or copy the Max Out Worksheet. Every day you want to write your Max Out time on the calendar. This helps you know what your next goal should be.

3. Commit to failing.
This might sound a bit odd, but YES! COMMIT to failing. Commit to pushing yourself until you hit your failure point. Then STOP. Take a break. Breathe. Get back at it and start pushing yourself again.

As long as you push yourself to your own limits, you will continue to get stronger each time. No one else can tell you when you reach your limit… but when you hit that point where you think… “I can’t do this anymore!” just try to push yourself a little bit further (while listening to your body, of course…) and then take those breaks when needed.

I got my results by pushing myself until I had to take a break. There were times when I thought there would be no way I would get results because of all the breaks I took. But I promise you… the KEY lies with pushing yourself to the point of failure.

4. Don’t compare yourself to others.
Only you know your own limits. So the BEST advice I can give you is to not compare yourself to others. Your success lies in competing with yourself. Doing better than YOU did yesterday, and pushing HARDER each day. Comparison has no merit here, because your body is designed differently from my body and the bodies of those on the workout videos.

You need to ask yourself… did I REALLY push harder today? Did I REALLY go for it? And be honest with the answer. If the answer is no, then push yourself harder tomorrow. It’s that simple.

If you decide to do this program and can only follow the modifier, then DO it! Don’t be upset with failure. This is an intense program, and failure is your friend. Just don’t  kick yourself for not doing the workouts perfectly. I mean… C’mon… even Shaun T has to take breaks!

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