How Peggy Lost 30 Pounds OR How Peggy DECIDED to Live FEARLESSLY!

Peggy's FamilyPeggy is a mom of SEVEN amazing kiddos.  She has a beautiful heart and was inspired to share how she lost her 30 pounds when people in our accountability group started asking for advice.

So in the video at the bottom of this post, Peggy opens up and shares how she dropped 30 pounds, but more importantly, how she battled those negative voices in her head and became the BEST that she could be… just like she’s always telling her kiddos that THEY should be.

Peggy’s most important transformation was on the INSIDE.  Learning she could accomplish something, and now having the ability to help other women find the FREEDOM she has found.

This past January, Peggy contacted me for a second time (first time was a year ago) and said that she was ready to make a change.  She joined our P90X3 90 day challenge and started her journey.

It’s not easy when you first start out really trying to change your life.  You’re breaking old habits.  Learning that it’s about progress… not perfection.  Tapping into your WHY.

You don’t see the results right away and you just want to QUIT.

Peggy decided that she was ready for change.  And honestly that’s all it really took.  So instead of trying to tell her story for you… In this video, Peggy shares HOW she lost 30 pounds and how her life was radically changed.

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