Dreaming of Wonder Woman

wonderwomanWonder Woman. Don’t you think she’s pretty darn AMAZING???

I keep a Wonder Woman magnet, that my big sis sent for my birthday a few years back, above my desk, and every time I look up, as I see her standing there in all her heroine perfection, I can’t help but smile and think to myself… that’s her. That’s who I want to be. I, Michelle Hillaert, want to be the FEARLESS Wonder Woman.

Okay… STOP LAUGHING!!!! LOL I’m being completely serious here! (Can’t you tell?)

I’ll be VERY honest with you… growing up in a strict Catholic/conservative home, we didn’t really watch many super hero cartoons or movies. We were very sheltered for the most part. So… I must say…  I’m a bit behind on what Wonder Woman’s actual story REALLY is… (Again… don’t laugh!) BUT… with my own very vivid Anne of Green Gables type imagination… I have come up with my own theory on the not so known life of this Wonder Woman.

To me… Wonder Woman is PERFECT! She’s a beautifully put together woman who always rushes in at the last moment… and heroically saves the day.

BUT… here’s the kicker… In addition to going out and saving the world EVERY day… my Wonder Woman does oh so much more.

You see… Wonder Woman’s house is perfectly clean, and she’s constantly doing crafts and fun things with her little kiddos. She swoops in right as a mess hits the floor, and it magically disappears within seconds.

Her bright yellow couch has absolutely NO yogurt hand marks left by a wondering two-year-old, and her carpets are ALWAYS vacuumed and scrubbed, her dishes aren’t broken or chipped. There is NEVER any dust or junk under the beds or couches, her desk is always organized, and there is never a hint of dirty laundry to be found.

Every afternoon, Wonder Woman has a treat sitting out for her kiddos when they come home from school. And when the super-hubs comes home, she has a perfectly roasted chicken sitting on a beautifully set table. The kids are washed up and patiently waiting there with smiles on their ruddy little faces, ready to eat.

At bed time, Wonder Woman takes her little wonder babies upstairs… she bathes them, reads them a book, and then sings them to sleep.

When they’re finally asleep, she slips downstairs to steal some cuddle time on the couch with super-hubs, before it’s time to go up to bed and get some wonder-sleep to start another wonder-day.

Sounds pretty darn perfect… RIGHT?

Wonder Woman MagnetSo… I may not know the real story behind this wonderful woman in the red boots, but in my world… Wonder Woman is PERFECT. The perfect mom… the perfect wife.. the perfect heroine. The perfect everything.

And as much as I long to be this beautiful heroine, unfortunately… as a self-diagnosed ADHD perfectionist, let’s face it… perfection just really isn’t possible.

So… no… dinner won’t always be on the table at night. I DO have yogurt stains on my couch from a wondering two-year old that I keep swearing I’ll get to some day. My couches are filled with an entire collection of treasures, my dishes are chipped and broken, my carpets are a bit soiled and my laundry pile is higher than Mount Everest.

Now I can sit here and feel sorry for myself, because I’m NOT perfect, and the chances of me becoming Wonder Woman are pretty darn slim… OR… I can realize that I’m a REAL woman in a REAL world and there IS no such thing as perfection. We’d drive ourselves CRAZY if we tried to be that perfect!

So… I’ll smile as I look up and think about my Wonder Woman and accept the fact that for now… with 5 busy kiddos… homework… soccer… working from home and volunteering… that my house might not be as clean as I’d like it… and the laundry monster may have actually consumed my basement, BUT… it’s not a total loss!

I DO sing to my kiddos. I DO read them books. I DO take EVERY opportunity to squeeze them and tell them how much I love them.  I DO get a lot of work done. I DO save the day in some cases, and I ALWAYS try to DO my best.

I think that as moms in this insanely crazy busy world we live in… we get depressed and sad when we realize that we’re not perfect. That we’re not Wonder Woman… and that makes us even sadder.

But y’all… think about it! Wonder Woman is a heroine in a fictional story. WE are heroines in EVERY day life to the people that we touch through our words and our actions.

Honestly, ladies… that’s all we can ask of ourselves. Do our best… forget the rest. Make a positive impact.

So… let’s leave our dreams of perfection where they belong as we wear our Wonder Woman t-shirts and pajamas, and put our Wonder Woman magnets above our desks… Then when we look up and see our beautiful heroine gazing off into distance, we can smile and know we are doing our very best and that in our world, we are our very own kind of wonder woman.


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