Does your body need a refresh? OR What I Absolutely LOVE about the NEW 3-Day Refresh!

3-Day Refresh - BeachbodyWhen the 3-Day Refresh made it’s BIG debut on the Beachbody Summit Conference big screen… I really didn’t know what to think. My initial thoughts were literally… “That’s way too expensive.” And… “Why not just stick with the original Shakeology 3-day cleanse that’s been going around?  It’s CHEAPER!!!

And I’m laughing as I hear my friend Billy whispering in my hear… “Cheap a$$!”

Yeah… I’m pretty darn CHEAP! And THAT, my friend, is the result of growing up in a double-wide trainer house with NINE sisters and not a lot of extras.

So you can bet your bottom dollar… I WILL get the most BANG for my buck! Hands down! LOL

Hang with me for a sec to learn my experience & basic review of the 3-Day Refresh… OR… scroll down to the bottom to see my suggested use of this product :)

I fell WAY off the wagon this past week, and when I say way, I mean… I VOLUNTARILY did a DOUBLE BACK FLIP off the clean eating wagon and REALLY went to town!

So at the end of four days, not only was I up about 5 pounds… (and we know a lot of that is water weight… and junk weight), but I felt HORRIBLE. My gut was screaming… my body was crying… and I was pretty darn angry at my scale (which I had the AUDACITY to stand on after such a horrific weekend!!!).

I had purchased Beachbody’s 3-Day Refresh at the Summit conference in June, because… hey… I’m a Beachbody coach and was expected to try it… right? I kept putting it off, because frankly… things like that just don’t appeal to me. It’s WAY too much sacrifice to put myself through… right? LOL

Needless to say, after that train wreck of a week I had just finished, I KNEW there was only one way to start off the new week, or I was going to go BONKERS in my head, fighting that negative self-talk.

So I pulled out the 3-Day Refresh that had been collecting dust… and decided to give it a go.

Was it easy peasy? (As my kiddos would say….) No… not really… but it wasn’t really that hard either.

Three days… I could do THREE days… right?

Here’s how it all went down…

I started my day off with Shakeology, which wasn’t hard at all, because I absolutely LOVE my full dose of daily nutrition.  It keeps me full and healthy :)

Please, sir.  Can I have some more?Then… at about 9:30 or 10am, I had to drink a fiber thang… and yes… that’s the name I’m giving to it… as non-technical as that sounds. LOL

What is it?  The best way to describe the fiber thang (Fiber Sweep… to be technical) is this… Do you have a kiddo? You remember the Gerber rice cereal that we fed our babies right around 6 months of age? Well… take some of that… mix it in a TINY bit of baby bananas, add water and then squeeze some lemon on it.

Yup! That’s how I would describe the fiber drink. It wasn’t yummy as steak… but… it wasn’t terrible either.

At lunch, I drank one of the Vanilla Fresh shakes with 1/2 banana and a teaspoon of almond butter blended in. THAT was actually pretty good. I enjoyed my lunch! I also had to eat a veggie… so I ate raw broccoli and cauliflower… NOT something I would normally jump at… but I somehow got it down.

For my afternoon snack, I had cucumbers and hummus… not too shabby… I actually liked that one!

Cauliflower dinnerNow… the REAL sacrifice came with dinner. A Vanilla Fresh shake made with water only, coupled with a dinner recipe… which turned out to be none other than broccoli and cauliflower cooked in coconut oil.

In all honesty… it wasn’t that bad… but this carnivore was NOT used to it.

By the middle of the third day, I had a minor breakdown, and ate a good amount of popcorn made with coconut oil to satisfy my need to crunch.

Following that minor infraction, I stuck with the rest of the program… and forced myself to get through the rest of the night without further infraction.

My results? Down SIX pounds in just three days!!! THAT, my friend, was well worth the SMALL amount of mental torture that this diet-breaker and unplanned mama had to deal with.

Just THREE days after my horrendous week, I was feeling absolutely amazing and better than I did going before I even got in to all that eating debaouchery.


So… HOW do I suggest you use the 3-Day Refresh?

Beachbody's 3-Day Refresh1. Use it as a JUMPSTART to making that healthy change you’ve been wanting.
2. Use it three days before a big event, like a wedding or reunion.
3. Use it before heading to the beach or vacation.
4. Use it to repair a horrendous cheat week, like I did :)

Three days… that’s it… and not only will you feel completely refreshed, but you’ll be slimmed out in the gut and feeling amazing!

Regardless… I MUST say that I’m a COMPLETE convert. I might be a cheap a$$… but let me tell ya!  After just THREE days, I feel AMAZING again!

It was WELL worth the money spent :)

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