Do You Struggle With Getting Past Your Excuses?

Be Stronger Than Your ExcusesIt’s so easy to come up with excuses. I know, because… trust me… I’m the queen of excuse making!

“Im too tired.” “I’m so busy.” “There’s just no time.” All excuses I have used and all compelling to say the least.

And yet… I still somehow find time to catch up with the latest episode of my fav TV show. To surf around Facebook. To go shopping.

The reality is this. We can all MAKE time. We just CHOOSE not to.

It is a true daily sacrifice for some of us. When we’re not a born gym rat… when we’re tired and overwhelmed… when we didn’t get any sleep because three little stinkers climbed into bed with us throughout the night… when we’re working either from home or away… when we’re homeschooling… when we have so many things going on!

So NO… it’s NOT easy for people like us… But.. we know it’s NECESSARY to take care of ourselves so we have the energy and health we need to take care of our little ones. That being said, we need to think on a more long-term level.  We don’t want them to have to worry about us later either… with issues like heart disease… diabetes… etc.

It’s a struggle to see it with my own mom. Constantly in and out of the hospital. My nine sisters and I holding our breath awaiting good news. Even worse… hoping the phone doesn’t ring in the middle of the night. Not a legacy I want to leave to my kiddos.

So I’m here to help encourage you along the way. To inspire you to not give up on yourself and give in to the excuses.

The answer to getting past excuses is to just do it. Don’t think about it. Do it.

I wake up at 5am and push play before my body and mind knows what’s going on. Otherwise… I push it off and off and keep coming up with reasons to wait and do it later. Before you know it, I’m stuck doing my workout at night, at which point, I’m really tempted to just give in and save it for tomorrow.

So I’m here to tell you. You can do it! Take the kids to the park or the mall and get a swift walk in. Play with your kiddos… if you have a sec and feel like it, throw in some jumping jacks and burpees for good measure (because you know we ALL love burpees :)

It doesn’t have to be complicated. You just have to do it. We’re talking about getting your heart rate up for 20-30 minutes a day. Just do what you can, inspire your kiddos, and show them how it’s done.

Be the example. I know you can do it :)

What’s your biggest hurdle when it comes to getting a workout in? Where are you struggling the most?

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