Do you CRANK?

Crank it up!Hahahaha!  Sounds like something naughty, doesn’t it?  But what I really mean is… when you’re working out, do you CRANK up the music so loud that you FORGET you’re actually working out?

I’ll be honest… I DON’T LIKE getting my heart rate up there.  WHAT???  Did I REALLY just say that???  Me? A FITNESS COACH???  LOL

Yeah.  My lungs feel like they’re about to BURST… my body is ACHING… and I just want to QUIT.

Battling that negative attitude is NOT easy… but if I have a GREAT song on, I get SO lost in the music that I don’t even realize how hard I’m pushing myself… that is… until the song is over.

It’s kind of like driving down the road, getting lost in thought, and then wondering where the last 10 minutes went.  Ever do that?

So… if you HATE to work out… or you’re BORED and want something DIFFERENT… try turning off the sound and CRANKING UP THE MUSIC!

ME?  More than likely I’m going to have some Miranda or Brad or George or Blake on… but for YOU… just find the songs that take you back to those AWESOME memories… and when you ‘wake up’ from your ‘memory dream,’ ALL that PAIN will be OVER and DONE WITH and you’ll be that much closer to having a HEALTHIER and FIT body.

Kinda seems like cheating to me.  Well… cheating or not… I say… BRING IT ON!

So… tell me… do you CRANK?

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