Clean Eating & Low-Cal Hot Chocolate

cocorecipeIt’s SOOO COOOOLD outside! What better way to snuggle in from the freezing weather then to have a nice GUILT-FREE cup of hot cocoa!

Recently, I discovered a new kind of dairy-free milk in my local grocery store and decided to give it a whirl. Have you ever heard of Cashew Milk? I was hesitant at first, but considering the fact that I LOVE cashews, looking back, I’m surprised I didn’t just dive right in the first time I saw it.

With a thicker consistency than almond milk and a richer flavor, I find cashew milk a much better direct swap for good ole regular milk.

So… snuggle in, and enjoy this decadent low-cal goodness!

RECIPE:  Clean Eating & Low Cal Hot Chocolate

Coco powder (about 2 tbs)
Coconut sugar (minimal to taste)
25 Calorie Cashew milk (about 2 cups)

* Heat up a small bit of cashew milk with cocoa powder and coconut sugar and stir until mixed in.
* When combined, add the rest of the cashew milk and heat.
* For fun, add a bit of coconut cream on top!


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